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Cycling in Zaragoza- English compositions.

Desde Con bici al cole – ZGZ aplaudimos las iniciativas encaminadas a reflexionar o profundizar en el tema de la bicicleta como herramienta para transformar la ciudad; la educación vial y cívica entendemos que se debe tratar desde todas las asignaturas.

El profesor de inglés Josechu Zarranz nos hace llegar estas dos composiciones como muestra de un trabajo que trata la conducción en bici y las infraestructuras ciclistas desde la clase de inglés. Gracias por esta aportación.


Pilar Calvo 2º Bachillerato
IES Pedro de Luna

At present, moving in Zaragoza is getting more and more difficult because of the traffic and the road works caused by the tram. In addition, many people are interested in environmental conservation. Therefore, a lot of people cycle to work or school.
At first, going by bicycle depends on the weather since if the pavement is wet, you might have an accident, so it seems to many people that cycling isn’t very safe.
Secondly, I believe we must respect all rules like traffic lights or crosswalks. We shouldn’t listen to music or use mobile phones when we are cycling because it is dangerous. Using cycle lanes is one of the most important things. However, there isn’t one in all streets, so it is necessary to use the road, which can sometimes be dangerous because of car traffic.
In conclusion, due to the increasing number of cyclists in the city I think that it is the council’s responsibility to build more cycle lanes. Furthermore, all people must drive correctly.


Sara Escota 2º Bachillerato
IES Pedro de Luna

Cycling in Zaragoza has been an extra expense for the City Council since few years ago. However, many people think other activities are more important than cycling.
    On the one hand, it reduces the pollution over the city, because nowadays many people who used to do daily routines by car go by bicycle, which doesn’t produce any pollution. Moreover, the bike is healthier than other vehicles, since you do exercise during the journey.
    On the other hand, some people claim that it should not be an extra expense for people who don’t want to cycle. For example there are many people who can’t use the bicycle because of physical problems and they are paying taxes to finance the cycle lanes in the city.
    Personally, if you ask me, I’ll answer that cycling is a good idea to reduce the number of cars in the street, so it should be a public investment.

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